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March 21, 2014

Let go of all that keeps you in the past or takes you into the future. 
This may include control, expectations, inhibitions, worry or an outdated self-image.

At the core of every unhealthy behavior is a misconception about life and the way energetics really work. We unknowingly make conclusions that contract our awareness and hold these behaviors in place. We get overloaded with images, sounds, moods and the many sensations we pick up from our daily interactions with people and places.

We are now living in a time of unprecedented opportunities to evolve spiritually. As the energy accelerates, it stimulates the unconscious and compromises, resignations, and feelings of loss cannot remain suppressed any longer. As these surface and become conscious, we can lovingly review them and let go of the outdated misperceptions and fixed decisions we made prematurely — some even before we learned to speak.

Our work now is to free ourselves from suffering by allowing the contracted feelings to dissolve, unlearning old habits and developing new ones from our ‘soul’s’ perspective. By continuously choosing to shift into the present moment, to a fresh space where we let go of our personal history and call forth the soul’s reality, we undergo a truly heroic transformation.

It is not a long linear process to our best Self. The old world is slow and filled with gaps of separation and the need to dwell on the past. On the other hand, the new world is fast and based on interconnectedness, intuitive promptings, and courageous movement.

We are all at a turning point, one that requires each of us to release readily what no longer serves and prioritize our energies, focus, and actions in the world. And, the invitation is ongoing to set aside our doubts, preconditions, and impatience and choose instead to feel connected to life, flow, and synchronicity.

May this Angel of  Release help you clear the way and open space for new life, love, and fulfillment throughout the coming month.