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May 29, 2013
Stand up for what you believe in. Act in congruence with your values and follow through on your commitments.
Much of what we have learned about life was outside-in from our parents, schools, and cultures.  They informed our beliefs and assigned meaning to our actions, often not in alignment with who we were inside.  It set us up to constantly look outside ourselves for whatever we felt might be missing, causing us to mis-take and mis-place our power.
We hear a lot about paradigm shifts, which is simply changing our world views. We create the reality we think exists by the way we connect our beliefs, values, and perceptions together. Our filters do not allow us to see what we do not believe exists which basically includes everything outside of our ‘box’.
We need to adopt a new world view which is (w)holistic; one world, one body that includes all life on the planet and the planet itself. What I do affects the whole, what you do affects the whole, not just the one or me (me-listic) or the few-listic; family, friends, community.
So changing our world view is a paradigm shift; from me-listic and few-listic to wholistic. Think in terms of our world as circular – what goes around comes around – rather than linear, straight lining, never to return to me. The rise of people awakening to a sense of re-membering and meaning that guides their life is accelerating. We can no longer ignore our own truth as it arises and act from old habits, strategies, and patterns.
Cultivating our interconnectedness and awareness of the subtle forces that pass between us gives us new capabilities and allows solutions to arise that have not yet been recognized. Together let us hold Integrity as our aligning Angel for the month of April and build a world that reflects our highest values and deepestinner desires.
Go deep into your interior and let your luminous light radiate. Reclaim your truth from the inside out and may your heart, mind, and actions be one withIntegrity.


May 29, 2013

Wisdom arises from experience, a deep heart, and willingness to learn. Add your maturity and inner knowing to spiritually nourish each creative moment.

The wisdom of the inevitable is a great teacher – beginnings, endings, need to eat and sleep, the cycles of nature, our bodies as we go though life. I am reminded of the beginning of the Serenity Prayer; ‘God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.’
This is the task – to know the difference.  But how?  Sometimes what we can change is obvious and at other times it is masked with emotion. Cultivating an internal context for our journey means a close examination of our attachments. Wisdom comes with experience and maturity, living our learning, allowing what is, and is, and is.
Accessing our wisdom comes though being mindfully present, doing all that we can to pay attention, using whatever we have learned, bringing the best techniques we have, the best attitude we have, the best understanding we have, and applying it right now. This evokes the deep luminous wisdom of your heart and nourishes each creative moment.               Every ancient culture has an inner group of wisdom keepers who preserve and maintain the traditions. These hidden teachings are within our mind streams, ready to reveal and enhance our understanding of the evolutional impulse, and give us certainty in these times of shaking the old from our collective perceptions.                                                            May the Wisdom of the Ancient Ones unlock your memories and light your way home.



May 29, 2013

You are free to change your experience by changing the criteria upon which you base your decisions. 

Let go of old trappings and express your uniqueness. 
Attachments and fears bind us to old routines and patterns of behavior that drag us out of presence and into the world of reactions. They prevent our seeing deeply into the nature of things as they are. 
Using our past as a reference, we can free up and unclutter our lives and act consciously with self-determination in a well-balanced constructive expression of individual will. 
Freedom comes as we begin to let go of our reactive tendencies and work to expand our range of life experiences. As we learn not to identify with just a few kinds of thoughts or emotional reactions, we discover that we have more freedom, lightness, and joy as we walk through life. 
May your heart be happy and your presence free. 


May 29, 2013

View humanity as your extended family and reach out with acts of kindness to all you meet. 

Life is a shared initiatory process often not describable in words, each one of us navigating our path. We invite you to view your sisters and brothers though the lens of our similar dreams for love, belonging, and deeper meaning. And contemplate the unity of our human nature, while embracing our diverse expression of cultural, ethnic, or religious practices. 


May 29, 2013



Change happens when you take responsibility for your awareness and apply it to your everyday life,  small moment by small moment. 

Life is an alchemical process of constant change from our bodies to our circumstances to our environment. How we respond to the evolving world of form directly relates to our ability to internalize our awareness, and focus our actions from the sacred inner space at the depth of our beings.

It is not about eliminating the ego or lower self. It is about allowing our higher nature to absorb the ego into itself and thereby transform it. To become a kind, loving, generous, and respectful being, we have to put effort into it by conducting ourselves according to our highest values. Every moment is an opportunity to recreate ourselves and it happens one feeling, one thought, one act at a time.

The inner journey of the soul through transformation is not simply a change in character, but a realization of our true nature. This means our identity and daily consciousness ceases to be determined by our history. We shift dimensionally, leaving the content of the past to reside in our eternal presence.

We are spiritual beings inhabiting human bodies. It is time to up-level. Release hesitations and lingering self doubts. Bring them to the altar of your heart for healing and transformation, and dare to become who you know yourself inside to be.

May your journey be gracious.


May 29, 2013

The essence of contentment and the foundation of serenity. Love is the activation of your spirit reaching out to make connections. It overcomes grief, harbors no ill will and heals all separation.

If the experiences we have are a result of our selective perceptions, why not adjust our lens and look though the windows of love instead of fear, righteousness, loneliness, guilt, etc.?

Love is a vibrational frequency. It is the feeling nature of our soul and our direct connection to the Source. When we tune into this frequency, we nurture a closer relationship to our true selves.

Love is not something we have, but rather something we are. When we extend this essence to a person, group of people, a place, or an animal a luminous mystery forms in the depths of our hearts and extends out beyond ourselves with deep joy and passion.

We all seek a feeling of belonging; a feeling of being home connected with our Source. It is often easier to access this in relationship with nature or a pet. But it is in our relationships with one another that our love-ablity is most often challenged.

Giving space around experiences and interactions give us margins we can fill with love that contains the content — rather than judgement that searches the content for where the love might be. This shifts our worldview and our interior orientation. We stop trying to manipulate the outer world so that our inner world can be at peace.

May your heart experience love with ever increasing ‘frequency’.



May 24, 2013


Approach life with a buoyant attitude, light heart and unencumbered mind. Let joy lift your spirit and fill each moment.

There is a presence that abides deep within each of us connecting us to all that we are and all that is. Joy is an essential manifestation of this presence and is always available. Joy is the radiance of the heart and the result of realizing the Truth.

Joy springs naturally from a deep sense of belonging, whereas suffering comes from the longing to be. In these stressful times, our beingness can feel elusive and beyond our reach. Weighted down by guilt, shame, or a negative outlook, we hesitate to allow ourselves to experience joy.

An unencumbered mind is not caught in the loop of pleasure seeking and pain blocking, it is free of rationalizations and preconceptions of what should happen. We are no longer distracted by the ‘what ifs’, but are open to the experience of what is. Joy is not a state or condition, it is a source and we are the sorcerers.

Settle and feel at home in yourself, own your desires and feel curious about life. Let go of striving and time as a measure of movement. Reality is a continuous emanation of the soul’s unfolding experience grounded in joy. 

Wishing you a week filled with joyful moments


May 12, 2013


Let the mist of unworthiness evaporate. Move forward and embrace life as it presents itself to you. Practice the art of inclusion and allowing.

 Self-acceptance is a gift of internal belonging that embraces who we are and who we are not. It widens our perception so that we can include the many paradoxes of life.

Acceptance reduces the conflict levels inside and around us and invokes change. It releases us from the struggle against reality, and new possibilities open up to us that did not exist before.

Acceptance frees up our energy. It is a benediction, a blessing, a gentle rain that melts judgments, fears and doubts, and allows us to surrender to the truth of the moment without preferences.

It animates the big picture, welcomes a higher reality, and extends an invitation to embody our Human nature and our greater Being nature – in doing so, we become one presence.

Look for experiences that you are rejecting or pushing against. If acceptance does not seem possible, practice relaxing your defensive response that splits perceptions into division of right/wrong, good/bad, guilt/innocence. And, unlock the mind from its fixations.

Let the Angel of Acceptance wrap its wings around you and hug you tightly. May you be filled with acceptance and offer it freely.