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April 1, 2013

Heartfelt understanding of the human condition that encompasses the pain in oneself and others, dissolves judgment and opens the way for acceptance. A sincere desire to alleviate suffering.

Compassion is an energetic emanation from the essential part of us that holds the ‘will to good’.

We are in constant connection with those around us though our energetic imprints. Everything we touch is imbued with our signature. The more intentional we are, the longer our signature lingers and the greater the influence of our touch. The same is true of our thoughts and feelings, the stronger and more repetitive, the longer they ‘live’.

Cultivating a compassionate nature for both ourselves and others acts as a healing balm that helps us tolerate hurts and nurtures our ability to be with what is. It gives us refuge from our judging minds and allows our hearts to open. Without compassion, we cannot see the truth and pass through the suffering to trust in a greater reality.

The cultivation of compassion is a life-long practice, it comes with experience and the flowering of an intelligent heart. A heart that is perceptive to the subtleties of indifference, pity, sympathy, loving kindness, and caring. Sometimes, we can become compassion-fatigued and separate ourselves from the dilemma of being human. This may be a wide spread cause of depression, stress, and lack of self worth. When we are constantly being traumatized by our environment this creates energetic imprints that can exhaust us out of our hearts.

There is no need to do anything ‘about’ the human experience. We all have our trigger points that move us to action. The question is; does our action lead to a domino effect of love or separation? If separation is the result, it is not just from something or someone, it is from our hearts. For this month, practice the art of compassion through touch, thought, and feeling with the intention of leaving a compassionate energetic signature that animates the will to good and love for humanity, each other, and ourselves. There is no difference.

May you be wrapped in the wings of Compassion and invite it to all those around you.



April 1, 2013

Savor what is in your life now. The creative process is never finished. Let go of striving and rest in satisfaction and joyous fulfillment.

Be at peace with what is, give yourself permission to gently reside in the present. Recycling the past is not ‘ego-logical’ and worrying about the future is a distraction, both cause the state of satisfaction to elude us.

Calming our interior prepares us for the emergence of what is new and gives us a container to receive grace when it is offered. How we hold the content of our lives determines the quality of content-ment we feel.

Letting go of pre-determined decisions and conclusions instantly shifts our attention. It is like turning our head to look in a different direction and we come alive for a moment. Something in us awakens and giving us a glimpse of reality beyond our experience and conditioned responses.

There is something emerging within humanity that may not have occurred before. With no clear path or map outlining how this step toward a global consciousness happens, contentment allows a quiet certainty to develop. Savor the moment, there is nothing more fulfilling.

May you have many moments this month to savor.


April 1, 2013

Use your sharp-sightedness to make clear distinctions and wise choices. Move forward with confidence in your inner compass.

Discernment is the recognition of the soul’s impulse within our lives. It builds our intuitive ability to act with an awareness of the power that is concealed within the present moment. Discernment requires that we regularly take a personal inventory of our values, beliefs, past actions, present hopes, and future dreams.

We live our lives based on what we believe. Our actions are preceded by our beliefs. Our consciousness is reflected back to us. What we look for we will find. So, the question is ‘where do our beliefs come from?’. I would guess the overwhelming answer is ‘from what others have told us’. We have very few original thoughts that comprise our beliefs. As individuals, we are defined by assumptions that have been formed over generations.

But, what if we are more than this? What if we are powerful beings about to awaken from a long night of dreams? What if we are at a tipping point of illumination, on the verge of uncovering the deep knowing of our origin and with it the capacity to bring about global peace? What would it be like to feel our connections to the whole and choose our actions based on this as reality? How would you be different today? How would this realization influence your actions?

Our collective challenge and opportunity is to surrender the illusions that keep us cocooned in assumptions and limitations. And, like the caterpillar, dissolve into our imaginal selves and redefine the world envisioning a future that welcomes the butterfly.

May your heart and mind discern and embrace the presence of your soul.


April 1, 2013

Poise and elegance in form, attitude, and action. Give up struggle and allow the universe to participate in the creation of your life. 

Grace is a healing balm that soothes our nervous system and relaxes our stance in the world. It gives margins to our souls allowing them to be held in the deep state of a soft heart. In a world of static and adversity that robs feelings of happiness, Grace is the aura of goodness. Allow it to saturate your activities and restore your state of calmness.

Sound a Grace note this month. Your words can bring the remedy of grace, whether it is your own self talk or when speaking with another. Words are an instrument to heal or wound, to connect or separate. Let your words encourage, ease, and soothe the nervous system of humanity with the healing balm of grace.

The idea of Grace points directly to the mystery of our being. It can not be defined, strategized, or controlled. But, we can place ourselves in the direct line of grace by holding sacred space and cultivating sacred conditions.

The gradual process of interior transformation and awakening changes the way we experience reality and brings a new quality of information. A restructuring of consciousness takes place that empowers us to perceive, relate, and respond with increasing sensitivity to the divine presence in, through, and beyond everything that exists.

Maybe your soul’s journey is simply learning to live as an emanation of the presence of god and be a vessel through which Grace flows.

May your heart be happy and your presence filled with Grace.


April 1, 2013

Stand up for what you believe in. Act in congruence with your values and follow through on your commitments.

Much of what we have learned about life was outside-in from our parents, schools, and cultures.  They informed our beliefs and assigned meaning to our actions, often not in alignment with who we were inside.  It set us up to constantly look outside ourselves for whatever we felt might be missing, causing us to mis-take and mis-place our power.

We hear a lot about paradigm shifts, which is simply changing our world views. We create the reality we think exists by the way we connect our beliefs, values, and perceptions together. Our filters do not allow us to see what we do not believe exists which basically includes everything outside of our ‘box’.

We need to adopt a new world view which is (w)holistic; one world, one body that includes all life on the planet and the planet itself. What I do affects the whole, what you do affects the whole, not just the one or me (me-listic) or the few-listic; family, friends, community.

So changing our world view is a paradigm shift; from me-listic and few-listic to wholistic. Think in terms of our world as circular – what goes around comes around – rather than linear, straight lining, never to return to me. The rise of people awakening to a sense of re-membering and meaning that guides their life is accelerating. We can no longer ignore our own truth as it arises and act from old habits, strategies, and patterns.

Cultivating our interconnectedness and awareness of the subtle forces that pass between us gives us new capabilities and allows solutions to arise that have not yet been recognized. Together let us hold Integrity as our aligning Angel for the month of April and build a world that reflects our highest values and deepest inner desires.

Go deep into your interior and let your luminous light radiate. Reclaim your truth from the inside out and may your heart, mind, and actions be one with Integrity.