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March 12, 2013
Let the sun illuminate parts of you that are dormant, numb, or forgotten. Rub the sleep from your eyes and welcome the new dawn.


When one awakens and realizes the true state of affairs there is no interruption of experience. It is not that something that was not there is now manifest. It is more like becoming cognizant of the presence of something that has always been there and known to be there, but forgotten.

A large part of our identities have been sculpted by our parents, teachers, friends, and how we want others to see us. We have carried this as our reference point of who we are; the person we normally take ourselves to be – preoccupied with its goals, fears, desires, and issues.

Beneath the surface is a deep and vast authentic Self, but its presence is usually veiled by the noise of the smaller ‘I’ with its needs and demands. This confusion between the small self and larger Self is the core illusion of the human condition, and penetrating this mirage is what awakening is all about.

Before recognizing greater realities that are more extensive and multidimensional, it is a good idea to first learn to handle our energy and be accountable for the concrete results of our thoughts and emotions. Because, as we awaken, they automatically and immediately are translated into action.

For us to successfully create a new paradigm world in the midst of the current planetary chaos, we must discover a more light filled and inclusive approach to everyday life. By deep listening and acting on what feels like intuition, we can correct and refine our alignment to the instinctual impulses of our soul.

Invoke your Divine presence with the intention to allow dormant memories deep within to stir and heal key obstacles to your wakefulness. Ask for an energetic opening to remember your true Self – with such certainty that you will never forget again.

May the emanations of the Angel of Awakening fill your month ahead. May you remember your origin and welcome the new dawn.

A whole new world

Awaken to the gift of today

and the splendid potential for creative service

which it bears

love is everywhere present

everywhere available

reach out

trust that love will support you

be sure of that

be sure of yourself

can you believe that a new world; its patterns,

its forms, and its destiny rests within you?

as you move

move forward in certainty

and stay open to the unexpected

asking always

what is the new pattern that is seeking emergence through me now?

then look around

feel, imagine, and listen

far and deep and wide . . . . . . .

If you ask heartfully you will be shown

A whole new world




trust trust trust

March 11, 2013

Move from a place of knowing within you rather than as a result of adaptation to outer experience. Let go of you assumptions and need to control life’s creative process.

It does not matter what spiritual path you’re on, an ultimate sense of peace comes down to one question: Can you let go of the need to control your life, and trust there is a benevolent force guiding all that ever has, is, and will happen?
 Trust is the soul’s way of attuning to a fundamental law of reality. There is a deep rhythm that moves through all life that cannot be controlled by our will. When trust informs our experience, it allows our psyche to relax and our soul to be at peace with our situation. We can rest in unquestioned confidence that the universe provides, that we have and will receive what we really need. In fact, often beyond what we alone are even capable of imagining.
When we have a lot of basic trust, we are courageous and take risks. We don’t suppress our competencies. We engage in life wholeheartedly, doing what feels appropriate with the confidence that it will work out. Life becomes a story of creation not an obstacle course.
Without basic trust, we tend to react to what arises in accordance with our conditioning, wanting our life to go one way or another. We cling to predetermined assumptions and outcomes. We become tense and contracted and do all we can to manipulate the circumstances to fit with our desires.
Here is a suggestion for changing the automatic internal response to external signals. When a traffic light turns yellow and there is a safe distance to stop before it turns red, what do you tend to do? Do you accelerate to ‘make it through’? If so, this is a metaphor for what happens inside when our yellow worry light goes off — we accelerate; try harder, move faster, do more, all stress responses to our conditioning. Trust is the ability to stop and wait for the green light to signal the time to move forward again.
Why not, for the month of March, practice putting on the brakes when the light is yellow and taking that moment to pause and breathe in trust and the deeper rhythm of life while waiting for the green light to again signal you to go.
May Trust increase your capacity for loving thoughts and kind actions. 
We hope the ‘Angels’ – trust for this month,  continue to inspire your life.